Company Profile

Kansas City Rubber and Belting is an industrial distributor that provides a wide range of products and services to its customers. We offer our customers products, services, and value by providing name brand products at a reasonable price in a timely manner with friendly and courteous customer service.

Kansas City Rubber and Belting was founded in 1906 and has been family owned since the early fifties. Our customers are our number one priority. All of our inside and outside salespeople have been trained by the manufacturers that we represent, and they are ready to solve your problems no matter how large or small. Our main focus is on rubber products such as hose, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, and sheet rubber. We also supply a variety of metal products such as fittings, adapters, sheaves, chain, bushings, motors, and conveyor idlers. Although these products are our main focus, we also offer a large range of miscellaneous products to fulfill many of your industrial needs.

We are home to one of the largest autoclaves in the Midwest, and we can rubber line all types of tanks, pipes, valves, metal surfaces, and pulley lagging. At eleven by fifty-five feet, our autoclave will meet almost any requirement.


Contact Information

Phone: 816-483-8580

Fax: 816-483-8580


Who we are:

Joe Skates President/CEO (816) 868-4290
Donna Skates Vice President  
Todd Bottcher Inside Salse Manager  
Doug Kehl Outside Sales (913) 558-1944
Marvin Bell Outside Sales (913) 706-8420
Leo Zugelder Millwright Foreman
Gary Edds Inside Sales
Mike Campbell Inside Sales (913) 909-1197